A group of cultist from unknown university lunched attack to a man resident at railway,umuahia. According to the information reaching the masses,the deceased was said to belong to a different gang,The bone of contention that led to the fracas was simply because of a girl dating both of the two parties.During the attack,one of them was stabbed to death and the railway police squad rused to the scene and apprehend the culprit including the girl that cuased the combact. Both of them are behind bars in police custody.I give credit to Nigerian police for their wonderful job,if not for their intervention who knows what would have happen.
Yours Faithfully,

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  1. It’s true the police are doing well in combating crime, but they are not doing enough. These cultists have sponsors and they know it. To nip this cultist problem in the bud, the police should go after these sponsors.

  2. lets pray for God intervention in every thing that had to do with Nigeria. Nigerians only believes in politics and lets hope the culprit will be dealt with because in this our country only the big criminals which are the ogas at the top are above laws in this country. don’t be surprise that the culprit might be set free at last.this is our Nigeria where alot of non sense has being taken place. thank u all

  3. where do these cultist get the ammunition they use to operate sometimes.? is very alarming, more grease to your elbow police, keep on protecting lives and property as it is your assigned duty.

  4. What ever a man sow that he shall reap i hope we youth are the leaders of tommorrow why are some making it complicated, i pray God give us the grace to live a good life

  5. yes the culprit is from afaraukwu ibeku in umuahia despite the level of the culprit parents in the police force i strongly believe that justice must prevail.

  6. the police that inter-vain deserve some credit. that is what we need now good governance and security of life and properties

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