Google Search is Adding User Comments, Starting with Live Sports


Google Search is Adding User Comments, Starting with Live Sports

Back in October, Google announced that it was killing Google+ for consumers following a privacy bug. While serving as an admission that the company’s take on social failed, it has become clear in recent months that the company is still very interested in social.

For example, Google Maps has added the ability to follow stores and message directly with businesses. Now, Google’s social ambitions have turned to Search, with an upcoming ability to leave comments in Google Search.

This feature was uncovered during our teardown of Google app 8.55 on Android. For the past several versions, the company has been working on a “Your contributions” section. As of the latest Google app beta, the URL for the feature is finally active revealing a simple page noting your Reviews and Comments.

The former capability has been live for several months, with users able to write reviews for movies, TV shows, books, and more when heading to a Knowledge Panel for a piece of media and then the “Reviews” tab.

However, the Comments feature is new. An official support page titled “Leave comments on Google Search” confirms and details the functionality. At the moment, comments are currently limited and optimized for live sports game.

Supported Knowledge Panels on both the web and the Google app will likely feature a new “Comments” section where you can “Add a public comment.” This feature will be separated by regular “Viewers” and sport “Commentators,” with a filter to refine by either, as well as by “All comments” or “Top comments.” Meanwhile, there is a like/dislike capability and reporting malicious messages, with Google also taking steps to screen comments.

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