Kylie Jenner Playing ‘Wifey’ While🛬 Touring With Travis Scott


Kylie Jenner Playing ‘Wifey’ While🛬 Touring With Travis Scott

“Even though it’s always pretty hectic on tour, Kylie [Jenner] and Travis [Scott] have managed to get into their own kind of routine, which is really important as they have Stormi with them. Kylie is actually shocked at how well Stormi has adjusted to being on the road — she’s sleeping really well and she seems to be really loving all the travelling.

And she’s not the only one! Kylie is enjoying being on tour a lot more than she thought she would, and she’s getting a kick out of playing ‘wifey’ to Travis,” a source close to Kylie, 21, informs media.

Not only has Kylie been “loving” being on tour with Travis, 26 — he’s currently traveling the country and promoting his highly-successful Astroworld album — but they even squeeze in dates nights from time to time. For example, they recently enjoyed one in Miami! Kylie wore a sexy coat dress that showed off her legs and shoulders, while Travis wore a jean outfit and an Astroworld hat from his tour merch.

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