Mastering The Art Of Football Betting

Right Betting Pick

Mastering the inner game of gambling as a subject of incremental wealth creation, a dream of humanity’s gamblers population. Gambling has a proportionality that you either lose or win all depending on this game.

Mastering The Art Of Football Betting

Effective gambling

Don’t be greedy-greed is gambling’s biggest enemy, an urge of quick and incremental wealth creation often leads to unplanned unnecessary betting. It calls for patience

Avoid betting on friendly matches- Friendlies are mainly used to testability of new players by coaches hence very risky. Players are unlikely to play to their best ability in friendlies

Don’t bet with money you cannot afford to lose –   there is always that probability of losing, however, small do not risk much more than you are willing to lose, otherwise, you will get stressed up and in case of loss, you are more likely to bet irresponsibly after.

What you need to know

Leagues- It is advisable to focus on specific leagues for long before initiating gambling as part of one’s life. It each safe and easier to analyze a maximum of two leagues. Make analysis on basis of previous results including common scorers and changes that occurred over time like transfers

Live betting- One should have proper knowledge of the league and teams to participate in Live Betting


How to go about football betting

Match winners, draw and double chance

Analyze the game properly basing on previous results and compare the teams with each other and also their recent performance with other teams.

A team with more recent wins is more likely to win if all or most of the top players are available and in good health.

Double chance is more advisable but however, it yields less returns on higher winning probability. Choose double chance combinations with the highest winning probability.

Single bets and multi bets

Multi bets are riskier but yield higher returns. It is advisable, however, stake low on multi bets. It is more advisable to place multiple single bets since one will not affect another but may otherwise compensate a lost bet.


One should place halftime fulltime bets separately to increase probability as things may fail to go according to expectations. Proper knowledge on the teams is advisable on halftime/full-time bets.

Number of goals, correct score and over/under goals

The number of goals and correct score are very risky but has high odds. If you expect a certain number of goals place two more bets that contain a positive and a negative of one to ensure it is a safer bet. For a correct score you can place more within a range e.g. for 2-0 you can add a 2-1 just in case the other team score or 1-0 in case they can’t manage a second goal. This depends on your analysis of possibilities. On an over and under basis use a negative of one for over and positive of one for under. For instance, if you expect over 3.5 goals you can go for over 2.5 to increase the winning probability

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