3 Rules of Thumb For Choosing The Right Betting Pick For Your Bets

Right Betting Pick

3 Rules of Thumb For Choosing The Right Betting Pick For Your Bets | ‘Never mix pleasure with business’ should be the main motto of sports bettors, at least for those that make sports betting picks every weekend on their favorite team. It’s the least profitable move you could make which usually clouds your judgement.

Other people bet because it makes watching a game even more exciting. A very small percentage of people bet because they take it seriously and want an alternative source of income. That’s a big thing among gamblers today, especially those that visit casino sites.


Keep it Simple and Stick to What You Know

A common thing for all bettors is their desire to win. There is no way to guarantee a win, but there is a way that you can take to enhance your money-making skills.

The temptation to place those more advanced and truly complicated bets is big especially when you calculate the potential profit. But, unless you are some incredible sports betting genius, stick to the simpler bets. Not that you should never make more complicated bets, but if you suck at them you should definitely let go.

Also, knowledge is key when it comes to sports betting picks. This is why your absolute rule should be sticking to the sport you know most about. The more knowledgeable you are, the more your betting skills develop. That way you can increase your advantage against the bookmaker.


Do You Understand the Value?

How many times have you heard the term ‘value’ in sports betting or gambling in general, and how many times have you actually understood what it meant? ‘Value’ or ‘good value’ is not just finding big odds. It’s finding odds whose size is relative to the chance of a winning bet.

It’s a theoretical measurement that helps you determine if a given wager is going to make you money in the long run. It’s when the odds are at a level, and the potential reward at offer outweighs the risk.

The best way to determine a value in your bet is working out the real chance of winning and comparing the odds that are available on the market. If two teams have 50-50 chances of winning, but a certain bookmaker offers odds that are going to bring you a little extra money if you bet on one of the teams, that’s means value.



The universe, the world and all life is basically based on mathematics. So is betting too. If you bother a little bit and try to maintain records of your betting history, you can come up with some good statistics about what to do and what not to do most of the time. Record the following:

  • What you bet on
  • What the odds were
  • How much you usually stake
  • The results and return
  • Types of wagers
  • Competitions you bet on

Find some other useful parameters too and when you have come up with a decent sample size of your betting habits, you can find out what brings you money and what doesn’t. That’s when you become a pro bettor.

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