Hello Champ.

How is the day going for you?

Well, Today i have decided to compile a small list of tips to ensure you get a higher success rate while betting. This works well especially if you are what i call a “casual bettor”

1) Understand the terminology

Understanding where your money is going is so important to know before you jump in. Use google to search for terminologies you do not seem to understand. Pay particular attention to Asian Handicap betting, as most tend to get confused. You can also always send me an email and i will be glad to help.

2) Choose a bookmaker

This will depend on your country of origin of course, but I will assume most here and from Nigeria. My personal favourites are Merrybet and Bet9ja as they have the most markets of any major foreign bookmaker.

Important- make the most of the sign up deals!

You will see most bookmakers offer a deal to new customers, for example Bet9ja offers a 100% welcome bonus up to N100,000. Even if you only open an account to make use of these bonuses and never touch it again, it’s worthwhile.

Also before you get tempted to join a bookie because of the enticing welcome bonus, Be sure to read their terms and conditions regarding that bonus so you don’t get confused and know how to cash out faster.

Whichever bookie you pick, my advice would be to stick with them for all your bets, so you can track your wins and losses more easily.

3. Don’t actually start betting right away!

The temptation is there to jump straight in and follow picks blindly. Don’t!
Always research EVERY bet you make before hand. There are a ton of free websites out there who provide details stats of each teams, forms etc

4. Bankroll effectively

Never, ever bet more than you can afford to lose.

This is a short road to ruin.

Dedicate money from your income to betting, for example N10,000 starting money per month or per year. Using that £100, and that 100 only, break down the amounts in units, which can then be staked separately.

For example, if I consider N1oo as a unit, and I want to bet N1000 on a game, I would be effectively using 10 units.

The real effectiveness of unit measurement is when you combine it with the odds of the pick you are choosing. For example if I aim to make N1000 net profit per pick no matter what I bet on, I can adjust my units effectively to maintain this.

If the odds are 1.4, I divide my goal (N1000) by the odds (1.4) to see how many units I need to bet (N714).

5. Avoid certain types of betting

If you are not familiar with Asian Handicaps. Don’t follow blindly. Ensure you are aware of what a bet type means before jumping in.

6. Don’t chase losses

You are going to have big days, and you’re going to have shit days. The main message here is do not make a knee jerk reaction to losing a bet. If you start throwing more than you can afford to lose in order to recoup losses, it can get seriously messy. Take a break if you are on a slide, jump on someone else’s picks who is on a hot streak.

Talk soon,

P.S: Oh, I almost forgot step 7.

7) Don’t waste your cash experimenting.

Ononuju Johnson

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