A very unpopular ideology suggests that

a man is responsible for his outcomes and government is just a myth.

I happen to subscribe to it.

Perhaps we could try this experiment some day…

Keep the “corruption” going, but educate the masses correctly

and let’s see if the suffering will stay.

Teach them that they’re the captains of their ships and masters of their destinies.

Tell them (in their teens and before college) that a degree isn’t a guarantee of anything.

And it doesn’t make you superior to the guy who has none.

Help them understand that nobody owes you anything
And nobody is coming to help you (there’s nothing like “destiny epper”).

Instill it in them that wealth is a mindset

And enterprise is the human destiny -not employment.

Teach them early that you can have anything in the world you desire

-IF you will simply help enough other people get what they want first.

Above all, teach them that love is not a feeling but a doing

-and that there’s no relationship without sacrifice.

Then let me see the corrupt government that will limit their lives.

But you see…the corrupt governments of this world know this too.

So they teach you half truths and whole lies.

So that when at 21, and you try to walk on water,

you will quickly drown…

and then they can come “save” you with a filthy and leaky lifejacket called jobs.

For which you will be eternally grateful and thereafter teach your kids that life jackets are the best things since jollof rice.

My point?

It’s not hard to survive and thrive if your mind and heart are in the right place.

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  1. Our problem with our educational system is that there is no teaching on financial education.All training is on white collar jobs after school.

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