5 Things You Should Know Before You go for Hiking

Thinking on going for an adventure in the woods? A fun place like National Trails in England could be your choice, or it could be the Grande Randonnee in France. I heard the Yoho national park is incredible too! You will need quality information so you won’t get stranded along the way. Here are five things you should know before you go hiking.

  • Inform people around you

Mainly your family members or friends should be informed about your intended adventure. They will need to be aware of your whereabouts in case you get stranded and need supplies along the way. If it is possible don’t go alone, you may find someone else interested in hiking. There is always safety in numbers.

  • Get your gear fully packed and ready

Your gear should contain all the essentials such as enough food and water, first aid kit, additional gadgets, compass, maps, probably a tracker, bug sprays, sunscreen etc. It should be fully packed but not too heavy for you to carry, since you will be the one to carry it.

  • Stay safe

Stay within your hiking trail, deviating from the trail could get you confused and expose you to dangers of been eaten by predators. It could also make it difficult for you to be found if you get lost.

  • Say no to cotton

You have to ditch cotton for the few days you will be spending hiking. Cotton would not be good for you when it rains. Wear something that you can breathe in, even when wet.

  • Mind your trail etiquettes

During hiking, you need to respect the right of other hikers hiking, either presently or planning their own adventure. Maintain hikers’ codes of conduct such as;

  • Right-of-way; when you are going downhill and you notice another hiker going uphill. Wait for the group moving uphill, before you proceed because they have a right of way and they need to know what’s ahead before going further.
  • Leave-no-trace; this is a movement that maintains a low impact hiking by their sets of guidelines.
  • Avoiding loud sounds; you are to respect other hikers by not leaving your phones to sound loud.
  • Avoid feeding wild animals; this could harm the animals and endanger humans.

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