This Cheap Drone Is The Best Selling Product In Nigeria, Here’s Why It’s Gone Viral.

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This drone is the top selling drone in Nigeria right now, because it’s such a good deal for a high quality drone…
DroneX Pro has finally made it affordable to buy a high quality drone with a built in HD camera. Usually a high quality drone with a HD camera like this would cost anywhere between $400-$900. This one is currently being sold for a much lower price (it will suprize you).

This drone takes amazing videos, photos and selfies. Thousands of people in Nigeria have been uploading incredible selfies from insane angles with this drone.

When they started uploading them to social media EVERYONE started to want to do the same!

Unlike muost of the expensive and bulky ones that first came out, this one is the same size as a smartphone. It’s easy to use, and much more affordable (only $99 for a limited time). It’s finally a price thats affordable to everyone.

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