Unfaithful woman


In Nigeria it is a taboo for a married woman to cheat on her husband, a married woman was caught having an affair with an old man old enough to be her grand father unknowingly to her that she was under a spell by her husband. According to her husband,he said he had always had the feelings that his wife is cheating on him. So he decided to cast a spell on his wife. That when she goes out to meet a man,she will be stocked in d process of doing it

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    • That woman deserve to be happy. It doesn’t matter where she gets the happiness whether from an old man or a young boy. She has a right to happiness

    • Very harsh and should be prosecuted for violating the fundamental human right of the woman. Investigate this matter very well, you will see that the man is not fulfilling his obligation to the woman and has enslaved the woman in the name of marriage

    • They both deserve to be happy and if they found happiness in each other they should be allowed to have their way and not be castigated. The husband should be prosecuted for witchcraft

    • How many men has their wives killed for sleeping with girls young enough to be their grand daughter. When men are allowed to exploit, why should the women also not be allowed to seek satisfaction when their husband refuse or could not satisfy them sexually. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander

  1. Men sleep with women young enough to be their grand daughter and no one send them packing from their matrimonial home and a woman perhaps her husband is not performing his obligation to her by satisfying her sexually and you suggest to send her packing. Why is the world so unfair to women? Have you heard her story. That man should be prosecuted even for casting a spell on her without her consent. That is an infringement of her fundamental human right.

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