Six Simple ways to avoid losing money in football betting

ways to avoid losing money in football betting

Football betting is not exactly one of the surest ways to make money but you don’t have to throw away money by making simple mistakes. There are a few things you can easily avoid to ensure that even if you lose money, it would be an honorable loss to the game, which is normal. What is not a normal way to lose money is what I am about to show you

One; “You can deposit, but can you withdraw?”

Now, this may sound silly but many people actually never confirm whether they can withdraw money from a site before they deposit money there to start betting. You may not know this but while all sites will allow you deposit money with them, whether you can collect money or not depends on if your country is allowed to withdraw money using the payment method(s) available on the site. For example, some countries are not allowed to withdraw via Paypal, even if you made the payment that same way.


Two; “it’s betting, not magic”

A lot of people go into football betting with unrealistic expectations of the kind of returns they would get and this can prompt them to throw in huge sums of money which bankrupt them when they eventually lose it. Yes, I said “when” not “if” because, in betting, you will eventually lose money. So the rule is simple, “only bet with money you are not afraid to lose”.

Three; “sometimes guts, otherwise logic”

If you are not placing a bet based on research you have done or odds you understand, once in a while it is allowed to go with your instinct. What is never allowed is to just select the favorites or to use biased or incomplete information, like when all you know is that one side is good and you have no information about the other side, you could very well be surprised!


Four; “Avoid Sketchy betting sites!”

There are a million and one ways to ensure you don’t put your money on a site that is a scam, ask friends for recommendations, with proof of successful withdrawal of winnings or just do a little online research about the site you want to use, even Google search will most likely pull up a legitimate site on the first page of the search.


Five; “Don’t be careless”

Examples of this include betting when drunk, trying to bet on everything especially when you think you want to increase your chances and you forget that any money you win may only just cover for the money you lost in other bets because the bets are too many. Also betting on a game you are clueless about, Lazy betting probably because you do not want to have to strategize, jumping in based on assumptions, getting carried away in excitement or betting based on sentimental attachment like your favorite team. All these could actually make you win but because anything is possible but more often than not they are just careless ways of losing money.


Six; “No method?”

One definition of madness is doing something the exact same way repeatedly and expecting a different result each time. So what happens when you cannot even identify the method you have been using talkless of changing it? it is important to have a system of working or strategizing before placing your bets, it cannot be 100% but it will be a system that helps you win more often than not or avoid losses and from there you can grow.

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