The football coach leads a team of football players by organizing practices, designing plays and determining a depth chart. While organized football leagues are available at the junior high and high school level, most full-time football coaches find opportunities at the postsecondary and professional levels. Junior high and high schools often hire football coaches who also work as teachers in the school system. Because football is a team game and extremely physical, football coaches may need to motivate players and inspire team play.

They also may need to travel for away games and other sporting events. Coaches usually must work evenings and weekends, when a lot of football games are scheduled.

The requirements to become a football coach vary, but a bachelor’s degree in sport coaching education, physical education, or exercise and sports science is often required. If a coach is working at the elementary to high school levels, a teaching license may also be required.

Experience in coaching is a requirement for this career, and skills that a person needs include: Understanding of the game, Being a good leader, Having physical stamina, Being an excellent communicator and Being very detail-oriented. The steps to follow if you really want to become a football coach is as follows: Learn about the the game, Earn a Bachelor’s Degree, Obtain Teaching License and then gain coaching experience.

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